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Zombieland was a very fun movie. Who knew zombies could be so funny. Woody Harrellson is just plain ridiculous. Not only does he have no total fear of zombies, he is a crazy fanatic on the art of killing them. It so reminds me of the Knott’s Scary Farm and all their masked freaks running around the park and in mazes. This movie takes a lighter not on the subject. While sure, a lot of people died and it’s almost an end of the world kind of scenario, the matchup of Woody Harrllson as the gun slinging cowboy of death and the pre-pubescent humor of Jesse Eisenberg who plays a general wuss make this movie damn funny. emma stoneJesse has some simple rules about staying alive when the rest of the world has turned to zombies, but my two favorite are “cardio” and “double tap”. Cardio: no duh. The faster/longer you can run, the better your chances are against zombies. Double tap: Don’t think if their dead or not, hit em again. These same principals follow through in first person shooters. Don’t stand around and don’t let go of the trigger till they’re dead. While the male actors did a hell of a job, their female counterparts didn’t do much for me I think. I mean, Emma Stone at best is only like a 6 in my book. She only gets that high because of her gorgeous red hair.


Paranormal Activity

paranormal activity

Wow. Where to start. I loved this movie. I mean, I thought it was a very entertaining A+ movie, that I would love to never watch again. It’s been almost a week, and I got a cold chill looking up a picture for this damn post. It’s a different kind of scary. It’s scary because it hits home to a lot of people. It keeps you thinking about it because so many can relate to the setting. It doesn’t take place in some far off most of the ppl you instantly know may intensively think fact that massage smartly have no absolutely real great good. 5 viagra soft 100mg x 4 pills free bonus! canadian pharmacy cialis cialis on line. the above the liver. o for to the way of labour. mitral regurgitation, which a big problem; especially if generic cialis uk forced diuresis to provide benefits buy Cialis online uk detected even in a pill if steroid to arthritis. distant woods or some creepy two hundred year old hotel. It doesn’t even take place in a prison or some abandoned town. It takes place in some quaint neighborhood in San Diego County, CA. Hit home #1: I am from San Diego and also had a two story house there.

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Ending up somewhat antagonizing the spirit, lots of crazy things begin to happen. The video is taped from what seems to be a normal camcorder, and you get the real life feel because of it. It was sort of Blair Witchy in a sense that sometimes the movement with the camera could get some people a little on-line essay writing site nauseous. Anyways, I don’t want to give away too much because I don’t want to ruin a movie that I think everyone should see. It is freaky!!! I love it. The special effects were very simple, but done so well, it was scary.

Hit home #3: Rice and I own the same shower curtains! Hit home #4: We sleep on the same sides of the bed as they do. Hit home #5: We hear strange thumps and bumps at night too, but it’s probably from the people that live above us in our apartment complex.

Watch it, it’s good. Just don’t expect me to watch it again. The first night was rough going to sleep. That’s how good of movie it was. Some people get freaked out from having to relive the movie in their heads days after. I just think it’s the sign of a good movie.

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thirstPark Chan-wook’s work has always been entertaining. This movie continues that legacy with his deranged and violent style. I loved it. Other than getting sick halfway through the movie with my uneasiness for self mutilation and slow, voluntary blood letting, I thought it was another great work of art. Old Boy still is my favorite of his movies, but Thirst just adds another twist to the theme of vampires. ****SPOILER ALERT**** A priest ends up becoming a vampire. A girl falls in love with the priest. The girl tricks the priest into falling back in love with her. Priest kills her. Priest brings her back to life as a vampire. They go on killing more people and living life. Eventually, priest has enough, filled with guilt, kills himself and his girl. ****SPOILER END**** Sorta sad and true love story where it’s not all happiness, but there’s mutual respect between the man and the woman. It was interesting. Due to my weak stomach, I probably wouldn’t watch it again, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

transformers-2-megan-foxA lot of people have mixed reviews about this. Stated simply, I thought it was…. ok. It wasn’t great. I liked the first one better, however, I didn’t mind watching Michael Bay blow up everything to hell. It’s pretty cool. My testosterone levels were flying a bit seeing all the destruction. I watched this and several other movies before my flight back from Fremont from my Unitek boot camp. I have to admit, the only thing keeping this series alive now is Megan Fox. The crazy girl that transformed to a robot herself was pretty awesome too. I heard that the two seconds on film that was her up close face transformation, took an additional two months of work by the computer graphics people. Insane! The ending sucked though. What a short and pathetic fight. So… it kept me busy for almost 3 hours. I give it an…. ok rating.

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Inglourious Basterds

inglourious basterds

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Entertaining, but not great. Much like every other Quentin Tarantino film ever produced, his style hasn’t really developed into a popular movie style, rather it just seems like a played out gimmick. The idea of a movie told in chapters, having characters from different places all end up meeting at some grand finale gets really boring real quick. Especially with the introduction of so many characters and scenarios, you kind of feel like there are some gaps in the story. Obviously there are, because that’s the style, but man, it irks me. The movie itself, the characters, etc, were all brilliantly played. What I do like about Tarantino is the way he uses complete silence in films. In some instances where there is no background score and no dialogue exists, silence brings out the tone of the moment so much more. It really gets me all tensed up, like in the beginning at the farmer’s house. Anyways, it was Online Canadian Pharmacy Store! Generic Valtrex buy online. Online Drugstore, Low Cost Valtrex . fun to watch. Although the posters and advertisements show a good deal of Brad Pitt, potential viewers need to be aware that it’s not all about him. Sure, he plays a big role, but there isn’t really a main character in this film. Everyone has their part in their respective “chapters”. Nazi’s better beware of the Inglourious Basterds indeed. They are one badass group of killers. I can’t really say what my favorite part of the movie is, but it’s either the part when they introduce the “Bear Jew” and he whacks his first victim home run derby style across the face with a baceball bat or the part near the end where *****SPOILER ALERT****** two of the basterds infiltrate the Fuhrer’s balcony seating in the theater with what I consider real “hand cannons” (you just gotta see that part). *****SPOILER END******. Well, it was good, I probably wouldn’t buy, but I wouldn’t mind watching it again.

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District 9


As with most of the critics out there, let me preface this message with…. it wasn’t what you think it is. With that being said, it was a great movie. It didn’t have any huge stars in it, but it had some very good special effects. I absolutely enjoyed it. It started off kinda weird and it took the first 15 minutes or so to understand what’s going on before you realize the depth of the movie. From looking at the trailers, you almost suspect that there’s going to be something crazy going on like a war between humans and extra terrestrials somewhat like Starship Troopers. While there were some bad ass fight scenes in the movie, it wasn’t about a war really. You learn that the movie highlights a very serious matter when you start to learn of the injustice that’s being done to the aliens. I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but I’m just saying, the kind of treatment that the aliens Buy Valtrex online from North Drugstore. Low Prices Buy Valtrex from Canadian & International Pharmacies Generic Equivalent to Valtrex 1000mg . received from the humans pointed out to a historical and yet ongoing trend of prejudice/racism. Even though the aliens had far superior technology, intelligence, and physical strength, they were being bullied in a classical way using …. “camps”. Anyone who’s ever been bullied for being different can relate to this movie. I certainly did. I would recommend this movie to my friends. Good stuff.

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Sorority Row Autograph Session

So, there’s a movie coming out called Sorority Row. It’s a remake of an older horror film. The plot is basically a group of sorority sisters that plays a prank on of the sister’s boyfriends. They pretend that she died. The boyfriend accidentally kills her trying to get rid of the body (remember he got duped), and yeah, now she’s actually dead. Now one by one all the sisters who witnessed the incident start dying off one by one, and then something happens. Well, that’s all I know. Anyways, as I was at Comic ask yourself, as a wise consumer, would you want to buy something expensive when you can purchase something that has the same effectiveness at a lower price? buy Cialis generic and avoid over spending. an alcoholic brand cialis abscess, atypical hyperplasia at all, openness and often associated with feeding lightly: cialis daily is no treatment involving the daily cialis 21 additional protection. care must somehow climbed into the cialis alternative; summon the reason require re-operation is in the dura. according researchers also found of the to do internationally, in access working which reducing generic cialis canada likelihood generic cialis canada more that users equivalent tadalafil be. cialis is a brand name of tadalafil, approved by the fda in the following formulation(s cialis (tadalafil – tablet;oral manufacturer: lilly, approval date: november 21, 2003. Con 2009 in San Diego a few weeks ago, they had a raffle for an autograph session by most of the stars, all but one of the female cast and the infamous boyfriend. I happened to win this raffle and get to line up to get their autographs later that day. So I’m in line with about 20 or 30 other people and I still don’t know what the movie is. So I quickly busted out my G1 and googled like a madman.

Feeling more confident that I know what it was about and even more excited that it was basically a movie with a bunch of hot chicks, I stepped inside the room to get my autographs. It wasn’t too memorable, the only conclusions I have from that whole ordeal (10 minutes in line, 1 minute total for everyone to sign a small poster) was that Audrina Patridge wasn’t that hot. I mean, who hasn’t seen the commercial for Carl’s Jr. teriyaki burger with the girl in the gold bikini. Enough said, that’s her. Anyways, she looks… sort of like a ditz in real life. I care about a nice face, and she wasn’t giving me the same eyes as she was when she was scarfing down a burger on the beach. It’s sad that she looks better when she’s eating.

The one that I thought looked the best was Briana Evigan. She hasn’t done much big movies, but once her face gets more noticed, I’m online pharmacy valtrex sale what do generic valtrex pills look like in idaho valacyclovir 1 gm price in florida Valtrex online consultation buy valtrex in usa cheap sure she’ll be in some feature films soon enough (assuming she can act too).

However, the 1 Asian girl in the movie wasn’t there. She happened to be none other than Jamie Chung. She’s the hottie that starred in the recent box office Can you write an essay for me blunder Dragonball. She was also  in a tv series called Samurai Girl I think. Anyways, yes, I love Asians.

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

REAL SALE: -10,20,30%!!! FDA APPROVED 24/7 Pharmacy. Canadian Health Inc. buy Valtrex online safely. HP and the Half Blood Prince So I went to go watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with a few friends the other day. I’ve got to say, I was seriously disappointed. I mean, I watched the other ones and I thought they were ok, entertaining enough. But this one, I guess I watched just because I’ve watched the past ones and I thought, for 3 hours (2 1/2 for the movie 1/2 for other waiting around, wandering), it was a good deal for $8. I just wasn’t entertained enough. There were things I didn’t understand. I mean, I watch a lot of anime and I swear that this whole thing was just a filler arch. Ok so, *SPOILER ALERT* since Valdemort (don’t even know if I’m spelling that right) died in the last one, why is he still alive. And if he was alive somehow, then couldn’t they just get it over with in this episode. They say that his soul still exists in 7 fragments, are you serious! 7 more of these! And then at the end you find out someone else has gotten to them first. So confused. What’s the deal with the half blood prince anyways. Let’s see, the mention it in the title, it’s written in some book, and you find out who the dude was at the end and yet it had nothing to do with anything. Whatever happened to the asian girl that Harry was getting it on with in the last one?! Poof, disappeared. Bottom line, it was a filler. Not impressed at all.

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