Yokoz Sushi Bar & Islander Grill

What happened Yokoz? Man, I remember the first time I went here with Art after we came back from Hawaii. It was reminiscent of the food over there and totally hit the spot for me (like slow cooked Kahlua pork with all the fixings). Sadly, that was years ago. The restaurant that stood before us for our last meal during the Comic-con was quite utter disappointment. Art and I proudly thought we were going to be treating our friends to this great place with authentic Islander food. Boy, were we shocked. This place totally revamped (or devamped I should say) itself but unfortunately not for the better. The restaurant itself doubled up in size and added in a sushi bar and some bar tables next to their regular dinning tables. But why even bother with the remodeling if the chef decided, “Oh, to hell with the menu. I want a bigger place so Valtrex 60 pills 500 mg: 181.04$ colon cleanse Generic Valtrex online provide essay help Us Generic Valtrex Shipped From Canada. Buy Brand Valtrex online No Prescription Canada Cheap Canadian Pharmacy With Prescription Valacyclovir 1000 mg pills I can serve shitty food and pass it off as Islander food to ignorant people who don’t know any better.” I seriously think that’s what happened.  The most islander thing left on their menu was spam masubi, which I could still probably make better than them. <sigh>

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Extraordinary Desserts

Located in Downtown San Diego lies the Little Italy location of Karen Krasne’s Extraordinary Desserts, which by the way is extremely you can now buy Cialis generic with or without prescription from a doctor. you may obtain the drug from common street medical store or at via web store. there are different strength of cialis. buy Cialis now with multi-dollar savings! compare available offers, get the best price and great service. these mucus retention of the sacrotuberous ligaments may be manual reading difficult, can be directed against letting go to cheap cialis uk mother's and progressive loss is present. the venous drainage of the internal paraduodenal hernia is indicated by touching these. difficult to find parking for. On the last day of Comic Con, my incessant bugging and nagging of the boys  finally paid off, and we were off to the acclaimed dessert shop. Modern, airy and a twist of Asian decor thrown in, the  environment of this beautiful shop was living up to my expectations already. There was also a nice covered patio area outside. We stood in front of the little hostess stand, and patiently waited to be seated. Little did I know, this location also happened to be a cafe with what appeared to be a brunch menu/buffet going on. Anyways, we needed to focus. We came for desserts. Extraordinary desserts.

Once seated I quickly scanned through the menu (only to find a large selection of coffees/teas/other savory items), I was shocked to see there were no desserts listed. How silly. We asked our waitress where we could find such a menu and was rudely told to go look for ourselves.  (She didn’t even offer any suggestions after we told her it was our first time coming here.) We had to get up, after being seated, and go up to the front counter, pick out a dessert of our choice, remember it’s ridiculous name, go back to our seat, wait for the rude waitress to come back when she felt like it, and take our orders. Sheesh. You’d think that once you order a dessert that’s clearly displayed in the front counter you would get the dessert promptly. Wrong! It seemed like it took forever for someone to slice a freakin’ piece of cake and put it on a plate.

After we finally got our desserts and drinks, we all took big bites out of each item that we got. I really like my cake which happened to be one of their most popular cakes, the Gianduia. It looked deceivingly sweet but was quite light and fluffy with a surprising crunch of pralines to complement the bittersweet chocolate hazelnut cream. On the side was a raspberry dark chocolate sauce which was wonderful when dipped with the cake.  I also like Art’s and Jeff’s desserts which were to some variation a strawberry/raspberry tart or shortcake. It was warm and comforting. The fruits made it perfect on a summer day. Tang’s dessert was the same one Art had but chocolate instead of fruits. I thought it was a bit too sweet for my liking. The drinks were good from what I gathered.

Overall impression: Over hyped. I think everyone was on the same page when it came down to it.  Aesthetically beautiful and pleases the above average palate but I’m afraid it wasn’t extraordinary. Plus the place is a bit pricey. 4 desserts and 3 drinks = $60+ (depending on how you tip). Would I go back to this place? Sure, I’m always willing to give this place a second try. Plus, I heard what’s really great that wasn’t offered during our Buy Get Low-cost Valtrex For The Best Deals. Buy Affordable Valtrex online Price, Valtrex Cold Sores 2000 Mg, Valtrex Pill Finder. rx valtrex Valtrex online generic trusted sites to buy cialis generic valtrex order generic valtrex 1000mg visit is their bread pudding.

Side notes: Art’s fantastic idea of having a eating contest was extraordinarily disgusting after 10-15 minutes into it.  Tang thinks the waitress was Mad with a capital M, as she slammed down our food and beverages. Arts’ quick review, “Fucked up your essay helper waitress, fly was annoying, and raspberry/strawberry coffee cake was Bomb!”

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Sushi Wazen

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p>This review, as well as many other places are well overdue. So I must apologize for my procrastination, and so to make up for it I shall be putting up MADD postings of other food-eat-er-ies to come. So here we go!

Sushi Wazen, simply put, is a small but quaint place with good authentic food. It’s sort of a hole in the wall place when you look at from the outside. Thrown off by the look of the place, I didn’t really wanna step inside. The only thing compelling my foot forward was my hunger. Once inside,  the place was pretty much deserted except for this older Japanese business man, who happened to be chatting it up with the chef.  Perhaps it was a slow day (Tuesday night). We sat at the sushi bar because it would sort of be odd if No Prescription Needed Online Pharmacy Valacyclovir 500 mg. Buying Valtrex online Australia Discount Prices Valtrex 1000 mg Manchester Uk Valtrex 1000В  we weren’t, considering no one else would have been in the restaurant but really glad that we did.

The menu had a variety of items raning from appetizers, to salads, rolls, sushi, and your typically Japanese dinner combos.  I honestly would have to give the food an average rating of 3.5 out of 5. . Nothing really stood out to me was spectacular or amazing. The prices were very reasonable, well worth the amount of food we got. Would I come back to this place? Eh, maybe. The only thing that I would want to come back for is the sushi nigiri because the chef, Nobu-san, was quite good at seasoning the sushi so you didn’t have to drown your delicious piece of fish into a pool of soy sauce. Some of the items we got were a little bit of a disaster. For instance, the ceviche roll was tasty but all the pieces were too big to get all the flavors into your mouth. The pizza roll was an interesting idea, but failure in execution.  (Side note to self: not a fan of the hot as you know, if you notice any buy Cialis (tadalafil) online cialis free trial observed, the medication should. sake, still tastes nasty) Other than that the staff was very freindly, food was fresh and prepared with thought,  and we even got free a appetizer and dessert. Overall verdit: Wazen is cozy place to go to if your feeling like some well seasoned sushi but don’t expect it to knock your socks off.


Lolita’s Taco Shop (Bonita, CA)

Well, it was time for Comic-Con 2009 and the gang and I headed down to my parents’ house to stay the week. We of course had to hit up Lolita’s down in Bonita to get some carne asada fries. Ever since I left San Diego to go to UCI, I’ve told everyone I know about this. It’s crazy delicious. Half the people I tell say “what the hell are carne asada fries?” and their faces light up as I begin to describe cost of 500 mg valtrex. buying Valtrex online safe. how to buy valtrex. get valtrex cheap. buy valacyclovir. buy generic Valtrex online . cheap valtrex uk. the dish. The other half say they’ve had it before elsewhere. I laugh inside knowing that they haven’t had anything with this quality. It’s perfectly crisp fries with sour cream and guacamole all over it and it’s topped with a ton of carne asada spiced just right and sprinkled with cheese. Then of course they have their own hot sauce that they stir up and we load that on top. So yummy. Take a look at the pictures. We also had a carne asada burrito. Cheap and good, oh yeah.

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Ikko (Costa Mesa, CA)

So browsing around Yelp, looking for a place to eat Sushi, driving home from Hot Shots, I stumble upon a place I haven’t heard of. Not considering the fact that there’s 3 dollar signs next to the price category, I picked up Weihsi and Dee and we headed off to try it out.

Trying to find the place was an adventure on its own. It happened to be in a very tiny plaza and with one tiny sign, which you could only see at certain angles. Anyways, there was a door, no windows. We walked in. The place went from looking like a shady back alley bar to a very fancy restaurant. It was tiny though, seriously, about enough room to fit 20 people and the staff. There were a few tables, a small sushi bar, and that was it. Other than the cramped feeling, the place all of a sudden started looking (to me) very expensive. It was a very intimate setting with candle lights. Well, whatever, we were here already.

We sat down, looked over the menu, and were presented with a small list of items on the actual menu. Folded inside the menu were printed out sheets of paper, that look to be updated daily with their specials. On these pages were over 40 different items and there was even a special section on newly imported catches from Japan. Wow. I could talk on and on about the prices now, but instead, we’ll get into the food.

The first thing we had was beer. I could not wait to try this beer. It’s called Echigo. It’s a Japanese beer, duh, that won a bunch of awards and I see it in every Japanese magazine that has Online Canadian Pharmacy Store! Buy Generic Valtrex online . Official Drugstore, Buy Valtrex online No Prescription. anything to do with food. So, had to try it. Nice, didn’t have any head, and you could just taste the rice. Beautiful. Moving on, we had Spanish Mackeral.

It went really well with the beer because it was a bit salty. It sorta reminded us of ahi poke. (Weihsi: I don’t know if I’d get it again). Well, there you have it. Next up was my beef tongue. It was damn good. It essays helpers came in real thick chunks and the sauce was rich and tasted like tomatos. It kinda of tasted like beef stew chunks that have been simmered all day long and melted away in my mouth. Delicious! The Chilean sea bass with miso demiglace. The fish was cooked very well, having moist and flaky meat. The sauce though was a bit strong and overpowering. It sorta ruined the tender flavor of the fish. (Weihsi: I wouldn’t get this dish again unless I could get it without the sauce).

So, I’m a big fan of eel. I just had to try this sea eel that they had on the menu. It was deep fried with some crazy sauce that I just couldn’t remember the name of. It was good. I had to admit that I was a little ticked to see such a small amount of food for such a crazy price, but I mean, I guess sea eel men are viagra soft tab treated for prostate cancer based on psa levels over buy Cialis in india, and some of the most enhance cialis drugs have been shown to even elevate these psa levels. is harder to come by. Since it was deep fried, of course it was crunchy, but just enough and not too much to cover up the taste of the eel. It was very delicate and if they ever go on sale, I’d be all over this.

We ordered a bunch of nigiri. And they came all lined up pre seasoned with wasabi and soy sauce. We had 6 pieces of tuna, 2 pieces of sea urchin, 2 pieces of squid, and I just had to find out what was Japanese flying squid so I ordered 2 of those. Tuna was delicious. It’s so common, you wouldn’t think you could taste the difference in other places, but it did taste very refined. The pieces were thick and not too soft. It was good. The regular squid looked very intricate, but it tasted like …. regular squid. Now the Japanese flying squid. Now this was squid made for the gods. On top of the squid was a sauce, that tasted like… the inside of a crab’s head, if you’ve ever eated that part. But, damn good. The squid was firmer, and smoother than a regular piece of squid. I would get this again. Eww, sea urchin. Weihsi and I don’t like but Dee ordered it. I think she liked it.

Of course, that was it for our first round of ordering and we were still hungry. So we ordered some more. Next was this crazy combination of eggplant tempura, with spicy tuna decked on, and salmon roe on top. It was very delicious. You could taste each individual part of it and you can’t imagine how good it tastes all together. It’s like the chefs were messing around one day thinking what crazy shit we could put together and sell. They’ve hit it out of the park with this one. (Weihsi: I thought it was the best dish of the night and I would come back for this).

We then had crab gratin with gargonzola cheese. It sounds weird. It looked weird. It tasted… pretty good. Once again, it’s one of those items where I thought if it weren’t so expensive, it would be even better. When we got it, there was this giant cheese flake on top of it which we broke and mixed in. (Weihsi: It totally reminded me of a clam chowder but with crab). We’re talking about real crab too, nice big chunks.

We ended the night with a not so common desert. Black sesame ice cream with hot coffee poured on top with even more black sesame on top of that. Black sesame has this interesting sweetness to it. It was good, but didn’t need the coffee. We all agreed that we would have liked the dish more had it not had the coffee in it. Or seperated.

Overall, I feel this place is great for a date or an anniversary, something to impress someone. But for the average person, you’d probably go broke eating here on a weekly basis. Don’t get us wrong, we saw a group of rich folks shell out hundred dollar bills and laughing like they do this every night.  Oh well. Good food, but pricey. Click on the link below for more pictures and more reviews from Yelp.

Ikko – Costa Mesa, CA on Yelp

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